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Scramble Autobots! (Colorado battle)

[Thursday Afternoon]

*Opens a comm to all of the Autobots*

Springer, Jazz, Firestar, and Sideswipe, meet me at the landing strip. Skyfire will be transporting us to Colorado to engage the Decepticons. Move Out!

Calling all Autobots!

[Thursday afternoon]

*having taken a break from medbay (because thankfully, there was little to do, and he still couldn't get over the idea of Wheeljack injuring himself by accident through no fault of his own), Ratchet found himself in the command center when Silverbolt's comm came through*

Attention all Autobots, Decepticons sighted near the Ark, Silverbolt is being attacked.

Hang on Silverbolt, we're sending out reinforcements.

*he brought up Silverbolt's location, but as he did, a warning flashed up on Teletraan-1 - "Decepticons sighted en route to Colorado.  Potential sites of interest..."*


Autobots, we've also got Decepticons sighted heading towards Colorado.

Prowl, we don't have enough Autobots for this sort of thing!

Someone feels like an ass...

*After things in the rec room got uncomfortable, Ultra Magnus retreated back to the office he'd been assigned to gather up the reports and filing he'd been working on for Prowl.*

*He'd been lying about the work. Ultra Magnus had finished it before even going to the commissary. He wasn't the type of mech to put off his duties for things like socializing or refueling. Now however, he found himself stuck in his office with guilty nipping at his heels for the confrontation with Trailbreaker. Chasing that guilt however was a righteous sort of irritation. He had only been trying to make the mech understand the danger he placed himself, Silverbolt and the others in while engaging in fraternization.*

This is stupid.

*Ultra Magnus growled under his breath before grabbing up the reports and headed out the door towards Prowl's office to beg for yet more work. Anything to keep his processor off such disquieting thoughts.*

Duty time

[Time: Thursday, afternoon]

*With a full tank flushing the residue of last night's high-grade out of his engines, Springer felt almost normal by the time his duty shift rolled around. He'd spent most of the interim going over local flight regulations and the instructions for dealing with the human regulatory agency logged on Teletraan 1. But the regulations on paper often differed from practice - he'd need to speak to Silverbolt to know just how much.*

*He sends a quick text request for a meeting with the Aerialbot commander, and brings up the combat footage he'd downloaded earlier of the Aerialbots in action, making notes off to the side.*

It's a sign of a good party when...

[Time: Thursday, late morning]

*Face-first in the middle of an unused hallway isn't the strangest place Springer has ever woken up in, but all in all, he would have preferred Smokescreen's couch. He has a hazy recollection of Prowl comming him, but frag if he can remember why.*

*stumbles out of the lower decks, rubbing his face as he heads for the command deck. Might as well face the music now*

*taps the doorchime* Prowl, you in?


Last chance, Red...

[Thursday morning]

*Inferno had been waiting impatiently for Red Alert to come back to their quarters.  When he hadn't shown after Firestar had arrived back from wherever she'd been, he wondered whether he should actually go down to the security office, or whether he should give Red Alert more time (although, three days had already been more than enough time in his opinion).

Eventually though, his systems made the decision for him, sending him into an early recharge because he hadn't refueled*

*the morning found him onlining still on the couch.  Sitting up, he looked around to see if Red Alert was there.  Or indeed he'd actually been back while Inferno had been recharging.  No such luck.  Making his decision, Inferno heaved himself to his feet*

Red, ya'd better finish up whatever it is yer doin', because I'm comin' up ta drag ya back ta our quarters.  *and it still made his spark swell whenever he said 'our quarters'*
[Thursday morning]

*after getting back from Portland, Ratchet had written his reports, left Hoist in charge of the medbay and retired to his quarters.  He'd had a strange day and all he'd wanted to do was recharge*

*Which he did.  As soon as he lay down on the berth, he slipped into recharge.  He'd only meant to lie down for a moment and rest before comming Wheeljack to find out where he was.  But his systems had other ideas*

*waking up the next morning he felt more refreshed.  He had things to do - like checking on Smokescreen to see how the tactician was fairing after the incident.  And check on Trailbreaker.  Prowl really shouldn't have had him using his forcefield that soon after what had happened*

*he made his way down to medbay*

Wheeljack... where are you?

((OOC: Open to anyone!))

Let Sleeping Cats Lie...

[Wednesday, early evening]

*having gone down to the brig and lightly sedated Ravage, Ratchet returns back to the Ark entrance, carrying a dozing feline*

All right, one sedated cat, ready for transport.

*he'd need someone to load Ravage into him once he'd transformed*

Mar. 7th, 2011

[Wednesday, late afternoon/evening]

*Comm, to Autobot officers* We have a problem. I'm receiving reports of the Decepticons attacking Portland. Visual confirmation on at least three of the Combaticons present.

More meetings, more planning

[Date: Wednesday Late Afternoon]

*Leaves Red Alert's office and heads to Wheeljack's lab.*

Wheeljack, I'm not interrupting, am I? I have something I want to run by you before I speak with Optimus.


~Autobot Dressing Room~

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