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Welcome to the Autobot Dressing Room, sister RPG of decepticondress!
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For those unfamiliar with the concept, a 'dressing room' is an RPG where you create a character journal and RP with it into the community. This is a dressing room for the G1 Transformers (cartoon)canon, Autobots only.

Let your imagination and creativity run riot - the more variety, the better!

#1. The Hard & Fast Rules
#2. Guidelines
#3. Character Claims
#4. Pairings
#5. References
#6. Affiliations

#1. The Hard & Fast Rules

♦ For starters, this community will often contain mature content. It is the rules of this community that any explicit sex, or anything along those lines, must be under an 18+ journal lock. For anything that might be unsuitable for those under 14, please use a 14+ journal lock instead. This rule applies to both homosexual and heterosexual relations alike. It also applies to character journals. Any adult content should be placed under a cut with a warning. If there is mature content in the comments, please edit the post to place a warning at the bottom of the post.
This community is G1 Autobot-centric. Characters from any universe that isn't G1 are not allowed (If you wish to join the Decepticon version of this RPG instead, please visit decepticondress). You don't have to keep to the canon events - but please remember that the RPG is set in G1 and G1 only. No ifs, ands or buts.
Keep in character! When you join with a character, it's assumed you know and can play them well. Any characters played constantly OOC will be barred posting and the character made reavailable for claiming. All out-of-character chat and planning should be directed to tfdress_ooc.
Don't post with a non-character journal. This is to keep things simple. Make sure your journal name represents your character in some way; for example, Optimus Prime might be 'big_frikkin_truck' or something along those lines. Be creative!
Language. Grammar and spelling should be reasonable at least.
Do not advertise. Any posts advertising other communities etc will be deleted. This is a roleplay community, not an advertising one.
♦ You MUST be frequent with posting. Please try to post several times a week. At least once a day is preferable.
♦ This RPG will be played in present tense, third person POV. Action goes between asterisks, dialogue is plain text, radio communication in italics, gestalt/bond communication in bold and italics, and out-of-character comments in double-parentheses.
Have fun! That's what the dressing room is here for. If you have any problems or questions, contact the moderator.

#2. Guidelines

♦ When posting, please try to leave it open to interaction from as many characters as possible.
♦ Please avoid assigning traits and quirks (like 'Windcharger's handwriting is awful!') to other characters unless you have permission from them first. This also goes for assuming that your hit lands in combat.
♦ Posts may be of any length. Use common sense when using LJ cuts - if you wouldn't appreciate it eating up half your Friends page, stick it under a cut. Don't know how to do an LJ cut?

#3. Character Claims

The characters below are the characters that have been claimed. You may not reserve a character for claiming later on, when it suits you - it's first come first served. Some characters in the list have a note saying "Available" - this means that they are currently played by someone active in the community who has indicated that they are willing to give them up to a new player. You may apply for one of these characters, and your application will be reviewed by both the mod and the current player before approval.

To claim, create your character journal, then go to this post to apply. Once authorised, the mods will then add you as soon as possible.

Beachcomber - peacefultravels
Blades - kiss_my_rotors
First Aid - 1st_aid_kit
Firestar - redhotladybot
Inferno - fire_engine_bot
Jazz - hep_kat
Mirage - see_through_spy (hiatus)
Optimus Prime - matrixbearer
Powerglide - thunderboltace
Prowl - tactics_planner
Ratchet - autobot_ratchet
Red Alert - botwithacamera
Sideswipe - pranks_r_us
Silverbolt - nervous_flier(hiatus)
Slingshot - whitehotharrier (available)
Smokescreen - lethal_touch
Springer - autobotspringer
Streetwise - streetpatrol
Sunstreaker - sunshine_diablo
Trailbreaker - 4wd_forcefield
Ultra Magnus - bigdamnsemi(hiatus)
Wheeljack - rotellapresa

A NOTE ON SLASH - Slash (male/male) relationships are allowed and, yes, this includes incest. If you want your character to pair with someone else's, ask them first. Once you're approved let the mod know about the new pairing so it can be listed here, to prevent mixups later on. Cross-faction pairings are also allowed. This is not an exhaustive list of all character relationships, just established pairings.

♦ Inferno/Red Alert
♦ Ratchet/Wheeljack
♦ Smokescreen/Swindle
♦ Trailbreaker/Silverbolt

#5. References

Teletraan I, The Transformers Wiki
Reference for Transformers time units
Reference for character weapons and attack techniques
G1 and G1 Transformers Theology & Timeline